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Have you ever heard about perinatal journey? Well it's maybe the time to see what it is!
Light Before Birth is a split-screen game with an asymmetrical gameplay. The first player has to play with an interactive movie and each of his choices has an impact on the plateformer played by the other player.

You follow the adventure of Hope against Angus to reach the light. During nine chapters you will solve puzzles, fight despair and finally make you way through the dark.

This game is brought to you by :

Baptiste Ellequain : Product Owner

Marvin Aubin : Scrum Master

Gregory Meynaud : Marketing & Communication

Axel Le Coat : Game Designer & Lead Programmer

Julian Teilleux : Game & Level Designer

Jean-Baptiste Dumont : Graphic Artist

Damien Clemenceau : Programmer

Régis Parpex : Programmer

Thanks for playing, we hope you will enjoy our work!

Install instructions

The game have to be play with two controllers in order to have the best in-game experience, but you can also play with a keyboard. In this case you will move your player with the arrow keys and activate your power with A, Z, E and R, and jump with the space bar. In this case the other player will choose with O and P.


alpha_v02_LBB.exe 176 MB